v1.4 is now out!

Warning: Firefox is not currently supported!


Source on Github.

Follow @pattlebass_dev on Twitter for updates.

Changelog (1.4-beta)

  • Keyboard support. Feedback is welcome
  • Added a context menu. Simply right-click a tile to copy, paste or clear.
  • Optional: Check for updates at startup.
  • Tweaked sample timings a bit
  • Added a More Options button
  • Added a way to report bugs from the app
  • Added an About panel
  • Localization: Romanian. If you want to contribute see CONTRIBUTING.md.
  • Localization: Indonesian (Thanks @StarryWindy)
  • Fixed a bug with the LoadDialog when selecting a song, deleting it and then hitting Open
  • Updated to Godot 3.5 (RC 6)

Known issues:

  •  You cannot use the virtual keyboard in the HTML5 version
  • The HTML5 version has poor performance on some phones
  • You cannot permanently delete projects in the HTML5 version. They reappear after refresh



MusicDJ.Windows.zip 42 MB
Version v1.4-beta Jul 16, 2022
MusicDJ.Linux.zip 44 MB
Version v1.4-beta Jul 16, 2022
MusicDJ_64bit.apk 17 MB
Version v1.4-beta Jul 16, 2022
MusicDJ_32bit.apk 18 MB
Version v1.4-beta Jul 16, 2022
MusicDJ.HTML5.zip Play in browser
Version v1.4-beta Jul 16, 2022

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