Small improvement

This release includes some small improvements.


  • Added a demo project. Thanks to Loser Gubitnik
  • Desktop: Projects will now be sent to trash instead of being deleted
  • Android: You can now share projects
  • Android: The Projects folder has been moved. To open your old projects: Open project > Press the top-right button > Navigate to Documents/MusicDJ/Projects/ and open all of them one by one. They will be copied to the new location.
  • Android: Exports are now saved to Music/MusicDJ/
  • Android: You can copy projects to the Download folder.
  • Android 10+: Removed unnecessary permissions
  • HTML5: Hi-DPI support. Now the app should look a lot sharper
  • Fixed a few minor issues
  • Updated to Godot 3.5 (stable)

Known issues

  • Spamming Play leads to weird behaviour
  • Windows: Icon may be blurry

Original MusicDJ MIDI files support is coming

I've been working on implementing a MIDI parser for original MusicDJ files. The goal is to make it fully interoperable with the SE version.
If there is anyone willing to help, let me know.
The PR: #13

Files 42 MB
Version v1.4.1 Aug 11, 2022 44 MB
Version v1.4.1 Aug 11, 2022
MusicDJ_64bit.apk 17 MB
Version v1.4.1 Aug 11, 2022
MusicDJ_32bit.apk 18 MB
Version v1.4.1 Aug 11, 2022 Play in browser
Version v1.4.1 Aug 11, 2022

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